Listed       as       BEST       OF       MILAN       DESIGN       WEEK       2015       by       Yatzer.

2_Bangle_Sayar_Garibeh_milan_design_week_2015_yatzer (1)

What if you can create your own composition on your plate? Sayar & Garibeh designed a sophisticated plate concept for the food lovers among us.

Bangle is a new experimental plate concept designed for creative and sophisticated food lovers.

The concept offers an opportunity for each person to add his/her own touch to his/her plate by placing and creating his/her own composition. it is not an ordinary dinnerware anymore, it is a personalized plate.

The various bangles pieces add an artistic tasteful meaning to the dining plate.The joy of getting a new design everyday enhances the dining experience. The bangles could be removed easily from the base, allowing the server to present the entire meal at once.

The collection includes different sizes of bangle dishes: from low plate, to high, from small to big size, to fit the necessary needs. Brass color is used to remind us of the jewelry values related to an idea of beauty and elegance.

These pieces are considered as valuable food boundaries. Nowadays we need to do more with less space and this collection is designed for the most efficient use of space. When arranged, the dishes could be packed into a tight space. Their shape allows an ease of stacking and storage.


Bangle - gold 01 - Sayar&Garibeh Bangle - gold 04 - Sayar&Garibeh Bangle - gold 03 - Sayar&Garibeh Bangle - copper gold black 01 - Sayar&Garibeh Bangle - copper gold 02 - Sayar&Garibeh Bangle - copper gold 01 - Sayar&Garibeh Bangle - copper 03 - Sayar&Garibeh Bangle - copper 02 - Sayar&Garibeh Bangle - copper 01 - Sayar&Garibeh Bangle - black 04 - Sayar&Garibeh Bangle - black 03 - Sayar&Garibeh Bangle - black 01 - Sayar&Garibeh

Photo by Mike Malajalian