My distraction is a collection of sophisticated office items, cut out in a variety of shapes: a sphere, a cube, a cylinder, and a cone.

These simple geometrical shapes are cut diagonally into two pieces to create a full brass paper weight, and a multipurpose container.

The colored container contrasts with the brushed brass of the paper weight, to bring an interesting value to the desk, and to add a beautiful minimalistic touch to its atmosphere. These simple items are appealing to even the most avowed minimalist. Each sculptural shape rests on a flat surface and appears to drown in it, giving the image of surrealistic scenery.

This surrealistic scene reflects an image of historical Beirut landscapes, after many earthquakes destroyed the city; ruins appeared everywhere, to become nowadays part of the lost and found treasure. This image evokes the sense of nostalgia, and allows these golden pieces to be considered as the treasures of the golden city.


These precious ruins create a sort of a dreamy escape in our daily work routine.